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Porter Finance Review

The company joined the market with a very high potential in the year 2014 capturing the attention of many customers which also contributed to its first growth within the duration of time that it has been in the market offering finance services to mostly middle-class people who need loans to either expand their businesses or to start new ones. By use of the advertisement sites, the company has been able to improve its trading activities by reaching out to another new lot of customers who joined the company. The online platform which is so friendly both to the user and the business person has provided the company with the marketing strategies that has seen them grow so fast over the past one year.

The simplicity of the platform used for advertisements is one of the reasons as to why the firm has been able to get more customers. The site encourages interaction between the firm and the customers, and this has aided the customers to seek clarification in issues that they find ambiguous or difficult to understand about the firm. The firm has also been able to increase the level of advertisement strategies by joining the online platform where most of the customers can be reached. The site used is very simple to use since it has a button for every information that one might need. In terms of the bonuses of advertisements that the firm has earned due to frequent adverts, the number has been going up. This should be encouraged so that the company can earn as many bonuses as possible so that it gets to reach more customers at a lower cost by using the earned bonuses instead of paying. The site has also provided very many educational resources for the customers and mobile applications that the customers can use to reach the firm anytime. 

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